We know and love the Eastern Shore.

For over 35 years, we've provided quality printed and embroidered apparel, as well as ad specialty items. Every day we are fortunate to work with fellow businesses, organizations we're passionate about, schools our children have attended, and much, much more. Our history is deep and our work  is dedicated.

In 1975, Dave Rossi, a business student at Salisbury State College, now Salisbury University, was offered a barn for a workshop. With the help of Paul Culver, a professional machinist and craftsman, Rossi hand-crafted most of the equipment he used in his textile printing business. Fun fact, Rossi originally named his business, Graphi-Tee, pronounced "graffiti”, but later changed it to Chesapeake Screen Printing, Inc.

By 1982, he and his wife, Vonda Rossi, a graduate of Salisbury State College, were working full time at Chesapeake Screen Printing, Inc. The Rossi's printed every shirt manually, turning out three to four dozen multicolor shirts per hour. Eventually, they invested in an automatic press, affectionately also known as “the big wheel.” The automated system can produce anywhere from 300 to 400 shirts an hour while maintaining incredible accuracy in detailed artwork.

Whether it's your business, event, restaurant or cause, we can't wait to help you raise brand awareness. Chances are we're already fans.